2009 – Dedication of the Justice Harlan Fiske Stone Bridge

The Chesterfield Arch Bridge was  named by the State of New Hampshire for the late Chief Justice Harlan Fiske Stone who was born in Chesterfield. He served as Chief Justice of the United States govsign3Supreme Court from July 3, 1941 until his passing on April 22, 1946. A formal dedication was held on the bridge Sept 12, 2010.

"Most Beautiful Steel Bridge"

“Most Beautiful Steel Bridge”

1937- The current pedestrian steel bridge was built. This plaque commemorates the award from the American Institute of Steel Construction in 1937. The bridge was awarded the “Most Beautiful Steel Bridge” in class C. Although the concrete holding the plaque is deteriorating the plaque is still in perfect shape.

Original Chesterfield Suspension Bridge
Original Chesterfield Suspension Bridge

1888 -1936: A beautiful suspension bridge seen was built in 1888 and went down in the flood of 1936. Divers recently confirmed much of the original bridge is still visible beneath the Harlan F. Stone bridge.